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At Paxman Dental we look at the big picture of your oral health and take it very seriously. Even though there are individual teeth that may need treatment, those individual teeth work together in harmony on a bigger scale. But if there is dysfunction like an uneven bite, premature wear, chipping, grinding or even snoring a sleep test may help us get to the root of the problem. Airway in dentistry is a very integral part of the oral dental complex. If your bite is worn down you can overclose leading to less space for your tongue which can make sleep less impactful and you may feel more tired. A sleep test can help us make the correct diagnosis so that we can get to better treatment outcomes faster with less complications.
At Paxman Dental we have take home sleep tests. No need to schedule at a sleep lab, or sleep in a different bed or be watched by somebody you don't know. The sleep test unit comprises of three parts. A small computer unit no bigger than a wallet that is strapped comfortably to your chest with an adjustable elastic belt. That elastic belt measures forceful breathing. Second part is a nasal cannula to measure if you are breathing through your nose or through your mouth. And third is a soft silicone sleeve that fits over one of your fingers to measure oxygen saturation and pulse. That's it. Wear it one night and bring it back the next day and we will go over your previous nights sleep in 10 minutes.

Let us get to the bottom of your oral health issues and a sleep test could be one of those tools to help us find the answers.

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